About Sentinel

Our Mission

To Win your Patronage for Life!

We strive to execute this mission every single day by focusing on three operating strategies:

  1. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We fully understand the expectations of our customers and pledge to meet or exceed these expectations.
  2. Deliver SENTINEL® class service.
  3. We select dynamic and service-oriented security professionals who have a passion for excellence and understand that our pursuit of quality and continuous improvement is never-ending.

We respect and reward every employee. True competitive advantage lies not in products, processes or technology, but in people. We provide financial and career growth opportunities for our employees in a work environment that values employee wellness and well-being, diversity, participation and individuality. In all we do: “Respect, Integrity and Professionalism”.

Our Focus

Customer service and employee welfare. We achieve this objective by selecting only the best security personnel available, training, better wages, benefits, incentives and promotions. It is Sentinel’s practice to hire from within for any managerial positions that may become available. Security personnel goes through a performance review and are rewarded for their good work.


To continue providing optimum security services while creating employment and lasting careers in private security for members of our community.

Our Accountability

Accountability is important for the provision of service excellence. The following agencies review, audit and ensure we are meeting the standards mandated by legislation as well as private parties.

  • Licensed and governed by Alberta solicitor general and public security office
  • Members of ASIS international (advancing security world wide)
  • Members of ISN Net World for health and safety standards
  • Members of Risk Check/Contractor check for policy, insurance and health and safety standards
  • Sentinel Safety Commission for Safety and Work policy compliance

Guard Force: About 200 Agents


SENTINEL® is a registered trademark, registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property office and licensed by the Government of Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security office.