Alarm Response

Sentinel employs one of the largest mobile fleetS in southern Alberta.

Our professional mobile division is responsible for responding to alarms. A patrol unit will attend the location, inspect the area (perimeter, structure, points of entry) and follow company procure based on the findings.  A detailed report will be made available to our patron (hard copy) and if preferred, a GPS live report as events happen.

Alarm Response Provides

  • Fully trained and licensed security Agent
  • Fully marked and equipped Sentinel patrol car
  • Real time GPS reporting and monitoring
  • 24 hours/year round coverage
  • Peace of mind
  • Good standings with your alarm permit agency. Avoid alarm permit suspensions or fines due to false alarms. It is estimated that 96% of alarm triggered are false
  • Emergency contact alerts
  • Emergency services alerts in case trouble is found

GPS Real Time Tracking

Our patrol vehicles are GPS REALTIME tracked. This allows us to better monitor our patrols and serves as a safety measure. Our patrons have peace of mind knowing that their patrols are being done as requested and as reported.  GPS can be set up to report patrols live to any email address.