Supervision and Quality Control

To ensure the best service is delivered in a highly professional, highly competent, and highly respected manner, the following management approach is implemented:

24/7 Live Dispatch

State of The Art Equipment

SENTINEL® Dispatch Centre is equipped with two way radios, landline, satellite communication GPS system, cell phones and a computer system equipped with everything needed to operate these include: State of the art scheduling system, officer information, Client information, post orders, rules, regulation, policy, training manuals and our check in- system to which our field personnel report to every hour of their shift.

Our dispatchers work closely with: Field Supervisors and Emergency Services.

Using our real time GPS system, Dispatchers monitors all patrol vehicles as they move about; this is for officer safety and to ensure that all patrols are being done as requested and reported.

For safety and work quality, all field personnel report to dispatch every hour of their shift.

Field Supervisors

Continuous field supervision translates into quality service. Field supervisors and managers visit security personnel daily/nightly for quality service. They enforce policy, site procedure and deportment. Supervisors also liaise with patrons who may need assistance and deal with emergencies that may arise.

Customer Liaison

We will aim at working together to accomplish one goal: The protection and safety of the property, staff and information. We will learn, implement and enforce your site procedures as mandated. We will hold regular meetings to implement to review service and requirements.

Security Personnel

Sentinel is recognized as a quality service provider and on-going training and support is key to maintaining our level of service. we acknowledge professional work performance and continue educating our personnel through our training programs. Our meticulous and strict hiring practice also assists us in hiring quality personnel to represent us.

District Manager

We appoint a District Manager (DM) to directly oversee and manage your specific security operation. The DM is responsible for:

  • Reviewing, amending, and updating policy and procedure
  • Conducting monthly meetings with security personnel
  • Conducting regular meetings with Client’s management
  • Conducting monthly meetings with the area’s Police liaison officer for crime statistics in the area, trends, latest news and developments within the police force
  • Liaison with SENTINEL® head office

SENTINEL® will have daily supervision to visit/inspect security personnel. The purpose of these visits is to ensure quality control, provide support and to review: Training, procedure, updates, knowledge of post orders, uniform/deportment, inspect tools/equipment, follow ups etc.

Site Supervisors

SENTINEL® will appoint a site supervisor to all static sites to assist the District Manager in managing the security operation. Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Creating and updating post orders
  • Liaison with the district manager
  • Training new recruits
  • Officer liaison
  • Office meetings
  • Scheduling
  • Client liaison
  • Liaison with the Sentinel administration

The Site supervisor will be under the direct management of the DM.

Senior Officer

SENTINEL® will appoint a senior officer to all static sites to assist the supervisor with managing the property(s).

Site Training

All security personnel will be fully trained to site specific orders prior to work engagement. All new recruits will be placed under the constant supervision and direction of the site supervisor.

To ensure quality work, all recruits will be visited by the field supervisors at least three times per shift for their first 5 shifts and will have constant visitation thereafter.

Security Training

Please visit our training section for information.

Mobile Support

We have a large mobile fleet ready to assist the operation at any time. All our vehicles are new models, fully decaled and equipped with GPS live tracking.


Our mobile personnel is GPS REALTIME tracked throughout their shift by our 24/7 dispatch centre. Mobile officers are also spot checked by our team of night supervisors. This allows us to better monitor our patrol officers for safety purposes and at the same time assures our Clients that all patrols are being done as reported and when reported.

Daily Reporting

Our security personnel will generate manual carbon copy (daily activity reports DAR) or electronic daily activity Reports (EDAR) outlining all activities throughout their shift. These reports will be made available to you the very next business day.

Incident Reports

A detailed incident report will be generated and made available to you immediately following an incident.

Officer Code of Conduct

In order for us to continue to deliver an exemplary and professional service, all security personnel are trained and adhere to the Officer Code of Conduct (OCC).


Our administrative team will always be available to assist our local managers and supervisors with your security operation.

Officer Check In Procedure

All security personnel are required to call dispatch every hour of their shift.