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SENTINEL® seeks dynamic team players to join the team. At SENTINEL®, work is exciting, challenging and rewarding. If you are a highly motivated individual, ready to break security boundaries and to enrich your knowledge, do not hesitate to apply for a career at SENTINEL®.


You must have a valid security services license to apply.


Please visit: for licensing information including application forms.

Our Hiring Process
  • Aptitude Test
  • Interview 1
  • Interview 2
  • Reference Check
  • Review and Documentation
  • Employment Acceptance Meeting
  • Indoctrination
  • Field Training
  • Employment Trail for 3 months
  • First Aid and CPR Level C
  • Employment
Positions Currently Available
  • Static Security
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Site Supervisors
  • Management/Various
Employment Incentives
  • Agent of the month award
  • Benefit package
  • Job stability
  • Competitive wages
  • Opportunity to grow with the company

We are an equal opportunity employer.

About Security Services

Private security is one of the fastest growing service industries in Canada. The responsibility to protect employees and organizational assets is becoming less of a public law enforcement responsibility; companies are beginning to share this challenge. Hence, private and public corporations have turned to private security to help develop security programs.

Police forces across North America are starting to realize that private security is a viable partner in crime prevention.

The late eighties and nineties were difficult times for police organizations in terms of balancing the budget. Police service manpower shortages are part of the reason private security has grown at such a remarkable rate. According to the well publicized Hallcrest Report on private policing in North America, there are three private security employees to every one public law enforcement professional.

This condition is leading to new employment opportunities for men and women who are seeking a rewarding career. New companies are being created; responding to free enterprise supply and demand. Security service, alarms, investigations, consulting and services designed to protect people and property are experiencing unprecedented growth.

The news is not all good, however. Many private security employers have failed to recognize the importance of their responsibilities. Fast growth has resulted in hiring binges equating to inadequate screening, training and employment benefits. Hence there is often high turnover. New employees with huge responsibility and minimal training are a bad combination.

The good news is that SENTINEL® carefully selects good employees, provides quality training, top pay, benefits and incentives. Individuals seeking a career in private security should take the time to find out as much as possible about the company they are considering employment with.

At SENTINEL® we invite questions about our training, compensation, Perks, Bonuses, Pay. SENTINEL® is also growing at a fast pace and more man power is always in high demand for top end management positions. Thank you for taking your valued time to learn a bit more about SENTINEL® . We appreciate a candidate for employment who invests a bit of extra time to know and learn our business practices.

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Please contact Mr. Erv Unger should you have enquiries about Sentinel franchise opportunities in your area at:

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