On Site Security

Today, businesses must learn to operate in this increasingly high risk and technically sophisticated environment, While threats of terrorism remain a fact, we nevertheless see a growing range of new threats characterized by identity theft and other criminal activities such as break and enter. To continue in this volatile environment, businesses must comprehend the range of potential threats, their vulnerability and the ultimate consequences and implications on the safety and security of their assets.

How would your business be affected should your computer system be interrupted for a day, or the loss of valuable machinery?

It’s a known fact that crime is becoming an increasing threat to business and premises alike, which can damage a company’s financial and physical structure.

We take great pride in reducing these risks by providing businesses with On Site Security Agents who are fully trained to work within a variety of industries. (please see Industries We Service page)

Working with law enforcement training agencies, our security personnel are put through extensive theory and practical/physical training that enables them to deal with most kinds of threats business may experience.

Our 24/7, 365 days a year operation has one purpose. The protection of your staff, information and assets.

We will work with you and the local police service to help us identity your security needs/risks (based on location, past history and new threats). We will also conduct a site security assessment to help us identify any structural risks or vulnerable areas.

On-going training, supervision, top wages, perks and careers are key to our success and client satisfaction.

On Site Security Division

In this area we provide our Clients with a fully trained, experienced, well equipped and fully uniformed protection officer. We deal with a wide range of sites from office complexes to apartment buildings to industrial sites.

Each officer is specially trained for the type of site he is assigned to. On going training and supervision is key to our success and client satisfaction.

The above services will include as applicable but not limited to the following:

  • Key Control
  • Locking and Unlocking Doors
  • Controlling Access To And From The Site
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Detect and Report Safety Hazards (This Includes Fire Hazards)
  • Detect and Control Physical Security Defects
  • Control Lost and Found Property
  • Inspect Waste Receptacles For Concealed / Stolen Property
  • Inspect Perimeter of Security
  • Control Radio and Telephone Communications
  • Control and Report Disturbances (Protect Crime Scene)
  • Monitor Alarm Systems
  • Prevent Drug and Substance Abuse
  • Enforce Parking Regulations
  • Detect and Report Suspicious Persons or Vehicles
  • Verify Incoming And Outgoing Shipments
  • Report Anything Unusual
  • Response To Alarms
  • Control Client’s Property As Required
  • Obey and Follow Site Orders
  • Protect Controlled Substances
  • Crowed Control
  • Access Control
  • Parking and Traffic Control


Our typical uniform colors are as follows:

Tactical Uniform

  • Black Security shirt
  • Black tactical pants with gray stripe at both sides
  • Black polished boots or shoes
  • Black T-Shirt

Note: Uniform colors can be modified to fit any project needs